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Unai Emery needs more time to fully turn Arsenal around

Gary Nevile believes Unai Emery needs more time at Arsenal. [Image: Getty]

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has stated that Unai Emery needs two to three more transfer windows to fully turn Arsenal around according to TalkSport.

He stated this while live on talkSPORT ahead of the Gunners weekend clash. He advised that the Arsenal manager should be given more time to fully organize his own squad.

Surprisingly, Neville acknowledged the fact that Arsenal are improving even though they still display some bits of their old style – referring to their recent hard-fought victories and close-calls draws.

The Manchester United legend also revealed he wasn’t surprised that Mesut Ozil is being linked with a move out of the club.

Unai Emery and Mesut Ozil have not had the best relationship since the former PSG boss took charge at Arsenal. [Image: Getty]

In line with this, Neville has stated that in order to correct things in the squad certain measures such as moving players out cannot be overemphasized.

Emery wants players that can transform the club so he has to be able to ship players out, to be ableto correct thing. It is like a cultural shift, a big mentality shift. But he needs to do that and needs time.” He said.

Neville went on to commend Emery’s work so far, stating that he trusted his credibility.

He disclosed that the Spaniard was a talented coach and was well spoken of in Spain. Laying emphasis on the fact that even with Valencia having 15 managers in 13 years he was able to maintain his position for 4years.

Gary Neville himself would know all about the managerial difficulties at Valencia having managed the club himself and getting sacked after a poor stint.


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