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Four things learnt from surprise Arsenal home defeat to Brighton

Freddie Ljungberg is having a hard time turning things around at Arsenal. [Getty Images]

Arsenal fell to a shocking Premier League home defeat at the hands of Brighton and Hove Albion on Thursday night at the Emirates Stadium.

Following the “not-so-shocking” defeat, here are four things we learnt from the match.

More time

Freddie Ljungberg will need more time to sort out this Arsenal side. It’s clear for everyone to see.

From fixing up the defence to getting the attackers scoring freely again, interim manager Ljungberg will surely need more time to restore the confidence that this team is evidently lacking.

The big question is, how much more time can we afford before it gets too late?

Relegation battle

No jokes, this is far from just an overzealous fan suffering a panic attack.

We are already in a relegation battle!

The numbers are on the board, it is displayed clearly in the body language of the players and opposition teams are eager to play us because they are almost sure they’ll get something out of the game.

Yes, it’s only December, plus this is the mighty invincible Arsenal! The fact that we are not used to fighting relegation battles is the more reason why we should all be scared. Think about it.

Leno the saviour

I don’t know about you but the only reason why we are not 15th or 16th on the Premier League table is because of Bernd. Sincerely speaking.

The number of times the German has been exposed to shots by our defence this season alone is a record high. And had he chosen to be crap like our defence this season, then we’d be sitting unarguably in 16th position.

Team-B maybe?

There’s nothing to be ashamed of anymore. First team or second team, senior players or junior players, Premier League squad or League Cup squad. What we need now is a win on the board and fast!

At this point, It doesn’t matter which section of the Gunners squad hierarchy delivers. We just need to start taking all three points from oppositions.

Anybody can start and anybody can be dropped as long as whoever is selected gives 100% on the pitch and get the job done.


What can we do to get our confidence level high again?

I’ll leave you to answer that.

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